Mindy Daeschner's Journey of Innovation and Collaboration

Unlocking the Potential of Healthcare Services and Delivery through Strategic Insights and Entrepreneurial Expertise

Mindy Daeschner

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Transforming Healthcare Services and Delivery

Mindy Daeschner is an accomplished entrepreneur and expert in healthcare and technology, with over 15 years of experience in management consultancy. She is dedicated to driving transformation in healthcare services and delivery, leveraging her unique blend of market analysis, entrepreneurial expertise, and global industry connections. Mindy's passion lies in unlocking the potential of healthcare by fostering collaboration, embracing innovation, and building strong business relationships.

Mindy Daeschner Bio

Unlocking International Expansion Opportunities with GTM Global

In addition to her transformative work in healthcare services and delivery, Mindy plays a crucial role at GTM Global, an organization focused on helping companies expand internationally. Leveraging her extensive experience, healthcare and technology knowledge, and global industry connections, Mindy's contributions include:

  • Developing Go-To-Market Strategies and Growth Plans: Mindy provides invaluable advice, guidance, and expertise in crafting effective go-to-market strategies and growth plans for companies entering the US life science market.
  • Facilitating Connectivity in Healthcare/Tech Ecosystems: Mindy leverages her extensive network to connect companies to key hubs, accelerators, and trade organizations within the healthcare and technology ecosystems.
  • Managing US Life Science Trade Missions and Virtual Trade Missions: Mindy oversees a program of trade missions and virtual trade missions, specifically tailored for early-stage healthtech businesses seeking to set up and grow in the US market.
  • Assisting in Location Selection within the US: Mindy helps companies identify the optimal location for their US business by aligning their specific needs with the various life science communities, hubs, accelerators, and pharmaceutical clusters.
  • Providing In-Country US Support: Mindy offers on-the-ground support to companies, assisting with compliance, certification, accreditations, and other essential aspects of establishing and operating in the US.
  • Facilitating Transatlantic Networking and Funding Access: Mindy helps companies identify, prepare for, and access a robust transatlantic network of investors and alternative funding solution providers.
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A Passion for Collaboration and New Models of Healthcare

Mindy is a trusted advocate for collaboration and the exploration of new models of healthcare services and delivery. She is committed to transforming patient care and improving the healthcare economy. With her extensive leadership experience across Europe, Asia, and the USA, Mindy brings a global perspective to her work, bridging gaps between different healthcare ecosystems and facilitating impactful collaborations.

Expertise Across Various Healthcare Services

Mindy's expertise spans diverse sectors within healthcare, including health insurance, wellness, hospitals, clinics, pharmaceuticals, and home healthcare. She possesses a deep understanding of the complexities and opportunities present in new care models. Mindy identifies key trends and develops strategies that drive positive change in the industry.

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Beyond the Boardroom: Mindy Daeschner's Personal Pursuits and Joys

In 2015, Mindy founded Daeschner Consulting, a London-based firm renowned for its pioneering spirit and exploration of innovative approaches. The company brings extensive market experience and insightful perspectives to help clients solve complex business problems. She is an advisor to various health, wellbeing and insuretech start ups as well as an experience health tech entrepreneur.

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