Better Business with Europe

GTM Global in association with GS1UK, DIT
15th June 2022, 10:00 - 11:00 GMT



Wednesday 15th June 2022
10:00 - 11:00 GMT


Webinar via Zoom


60-minute interactive panel event with Q&A to follow.

Develop your EU export strategies and increase your sales

There are huge eCommerce and retail opportunities on our doorstep!

Join our interactive panel event and hear from our export experts who will show you how to build EU eCommerce and retail strategies.

We’ll be joined by guest SME Flexi Hex who have successfully navigated European operations, sales, logistics, fulfilment, and regional legislation.

Why You Should Attend

  • Find out how to access markets and solve the logistic challenges of trading with Europe. Marcus Broix, Director of Trade with Europe, will explain their end-to-end solution.
  • Use marketplaces to reach European audiences, manage payments, stay compliant and importantly, generate more sales with Phil Booker, Fruugo
  • Discover what’s trending in Europe eCommerce and where the next big market opportunities are for your business with Johannes Roth, MD of Curth & Roth
  • Get invaluable advice on flexible employment & HR solutions, from Harry Dhillon, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Lano
  • Hear how to physically access EU distribution & supply chain routes from Annette Klerks from The Office of Economic Development, City of Dusseldorf
  • Access critical support, funding & export assistance from Estelle Dingley, Department for International Trade
  • See how Cornish start-up Flexi Hex are adapting and growing their EU sales in 2022/23!

Event Programme

Tailored with you in mind
  • 1000: Welcome – Mark Stimpfig, GTM Global and-Sarah Atkins, GS1 UK. What members want – how GS1UK works and assists, and the importance of data to drive global expansion.
  • 1005: EU Market Entry, eCommerce, and Supply Chain Growth – Marcus Broix, Trade with Europe
  • 1015: EU Marketplace Access – Phil Booker Fruugo
  • 1020: EU Market Research - Johannes Roth, Curth & Roth
  • 1025: EU Flexible Employment Options – Harry Dhillon, Lano
  • 1030: EU distribution & supply chain routes - Annette Klerks, The Office of Economic Development, City of Dusseldorf
  • 1035: Match funds to help your EU expansion planning – Estelle Dingley, DIT.
  • 1040: Flexi-Hex how they trade with Europe – a GS1 UK member shares their recent EU trading experiences
  • 1045: Panel session / Q&A – your questions on trading with the EU answered
  • 1055: Update on GS1 UK / GS1 UK – services & future panel events
  • 1100: Finish

Event Speakers & Panellists

Key UK & regional experts

Marcus Broix

Director at Trade with Europe

Marcus has been offering services for British companies and individuals for three decades and specialises in tailor-made solutions for cross-border trade UK-EU and EU-UK. Whether you sell goods or services, Marcus has a solution for your needs to reach and expand to new markets post-Brexit.

Johannes Roth

MD, Curth & Roth

Johannes works for CURTH+ROTH and they are a full service market research agency. As a market research expert Johannes has many years of experience and his focus is on generating actionable insights for clients.

Harry Dhillon

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Harry helps businesses of all sizes expand quickly into new markets so they can hire internationally as well as remotely in countries where they don't have a legal entity. He also helps setting up legal entities and outsourcing payroll.

Annette Klerks

Deputy Director and Head of International Business Service

Annette oversees services relating to economic activity for the city of Dusseldorf. In her role she supports foreign companies in matters such as relocation, company formation as well as a range of specialist services to ensure the transition to Dusseldorf is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Phil Booker

Head of Partnerships

Phil manages a partnership portfolio of hundreds of retailers and is also responsible for developing new partnerships in many of Fruugo’s 46 global territories. With 85% of all sales on Fruugo being cross-border, Phil is well placed to offer insights on selling cross-border and how that can be supported.

Sarah Atkins

Chief Marketing Officer and Membership Director, GS1 UK

Sarah guides businesses on the implementation of digitally enabled, customer focused change. She has delivered business transformation from defining the vision to building the change management programme required for success, with a focus on driving a healthy P&L and a powerful, motivated team.

Estelle Dingley

International Trade Advisor, Department for International Trade

Responsible for helping companies from start-up to £250m, Estelle will help define, implement and monitor your export strategy.

GTM Global Partner Network

specialist in-country advice

GTM Global has a number of specialist in-country experts who are available for 1-2-1 advice after the webinar. For any companies interested in gaining bespoke advice on US expansion in their key areas of expertise, please contact GTM directly here.

Global Reach

Michal Witkowski

Business Development Director – Growing Businesses in Asia, Intralink

As Business Development Director at Intralink, Michal engages Western technology companies looking to expand to Japan, Korea, China and/or Taiwan, and works with them to develop and implement the right market approaches.

James Francis

Program Director, Intralink

James is leading collaborative projects connecting East Asian corporates with the best innovative European tech. He supports both large corporates and startups/scaleups in bringing the best innovations to commercial fruition.

Jayashree Sadanandan

Special Advisor, Glints

Jayashree Sadanandan is a Special Advisor to Glints, a tech talent startup headquartered in Singapore, which is helping UK/European startups and companies seeking to expand into Asia with the right teams. She has over 15 years of experience in government with a strong expertise in Southeast Asia affairs.

Steve Dawson

CEO & Founder, Asia Market Entry

In 2012 Steve was tasked with setting up the Asia Pacific operations of a technology company. After experiencing the challenges of doing this firsthand, he set up Asia Market Entry, with a vision of helping international technology companies build a footprint in the Asia Pacific region without having to set up locally themselves.

Sandy Findlay

Innovation Funding, Partnerships Director, ABGi

Sandy is helping more companies access the right innovation incentives, providing information and advice on grant funding, tax incentives and commercial funding, R&D tax relief, Patent Box and Capital Allowances.

Rob Burton

Senior Associate - Business Development, Global Reach

Rob is a Senior Associate at Global Reach, a leading foreign exchange specialist, providing international payments, risk management, and strategic hedging solutions to a wide range of corporate and institutional clients.


You're in good company

I wanted to say a huge thank you for organising the extremely informative webinar yesterday. With the wide-spectrum of specialists, from the UK and USA, providing extremely useful advice and guidance on VC and business setup in the States, I was inspired to setup our operation in the USA.

Charanjit Randhawa

Chief Executive Officer, Epcot Career Solutions Limited

Thank you for connecting so many good people, the exchange with everyone was worthwhile and put the US market into context.

Elizabeth Jones

Founder, Real Good Ketchup

In a little under two hours I had discussions with eight mentors who really opened my eyes to the many business critical issues and challenges that need addressing. I also came away with a much deeper understanding of why businesses succeed or fail in their overseas pursuits.

Spencer Brace

Director, XenZone

About GS1 UK

Whether online, in store or in a hospital, the common language of GS1 standards is helping their community of over 57,000 organisations to uniquely identify, describe and track anything globally, creating greater trust in data for everyone.

Their standards have the power to deliver change now and in the future by driving efficiency in the supply chain, and transparency in the wider society, through initiatives such as patient safety programmes and deposit return schemes.

From product barcodes to patient wristbands, they harness the power of GS1 standards to transform the way people work and live.

GS1 UK Office

About GTM Global

GTM Global connects UK scale-up brands in digital and tech to a designated panel of experts from government, trade bodies and commercial partners to provide on-going advice and guidance on go-to-market strategy and international expansion planning.

  • Advice and guidance from experts in international trade
  • Export readiness audits and market research reports
  • Access to a network of in-country specialists and trade partners
  • Go-to-market strategy development and market expansion planning
  • Compliance, regulatory and risk management planning
  • In-country distribution, sales and business development services
  • Access to overseas EDOs, accelerator programs and government support
  • Funding via an international network of investors and VCs
  • Curated promotions and offers for businesses transacting overseas

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Better Business with Europe


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