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Corpay take proactive, consultative approach to managing foreign exchange. Helping clients protect their bottom line by managing their FX requirements and facilitating international payments.

The dedicated Corpay teams can support businesses with customised hedging programmes, FX risk management solutions, and mass payment capabilities.

Corpay can help businesses with a one-off currency transaction, or those needing a complex multi-currency hedging strategy. Corpay uses a combination of market insight, innovative tools, and a relationship-led service to deliver robust FX strategies that are effective in any market conditions.

Working with GTM Global

Many of the scaleups we see in the GTM ecosystem don't proactively manage their foreign exchange. This can mean paying over the top in commission fees or missing out on active hedging strategies which can positively impact the bottom line and save on cash flow.

And the more successful their international expansion, the more benefit can be gained by addressing these opportunities. We've partnered with Corpay because they take a personal interest in your business to deliver far more than just foreign exchange. Read on below to find out more...

Principal Services

Hedging and Budget Management

Businesses often want to improve their budget management; utilising a Forward Contract can help them plan ahead and gives a company more certainty in its expenditure. Businesses can fix a rate in place for up to 24 months, eliminating the need for upfront Spot transactions, and offering protection against unfavourable currency movements.

Worried about when you’ll receive client payments and how that could affect your hedging strategy? Speaking to Corpay, you’ll be able to discuss different corporate Options products, including various Forward Contracts, which can offer you flexibility in the way you hedge.

Award-Winning Technology

Corpay offers an award-winning online platform, giving clients fast, reliable 24-hour access to a range of currencies, as well as comprehensive trading capabilities. The platform also gives clients access to a suite of easily exported reports and has multi-user functionality, so information is accessible through client-defined permission levels.

Corpay has the infrastructure and expertise to provide complex global payment solutions, including mass payments, to businesses of every size. If you’re a business needing to make simultaneous payments to overseas suppliers in their preferred currencies, Corpay can help.

Key Contacts

Rob Burton

Senior Associate - Business Development

Rob leads a team helping small and medium businesses determine how they could utilise an FX provider. Rob is the conduit for companies when opening an account during the application process, helping them complete due diligence and begin trading with Corpay.

Daniel Wray

Senior Executive Director

Daniel has over 20 years’ experience working in financial services and has been with Corpay for the past 15 years. He leads a team that focuses on providing the small and medium business community with international payment services, FX risk management, and strategic hedging solutions.

George Parry

Senior FX Strategy Manager

George is a senior strategist at Corpay, working closely with corporate clients giving guidance on hedging and treasury management.

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