Alternative banking solutions

London, Dubai, Mumbai
A new generation of alternative banking innovation to help clients pay, collect and hold funds with more flexibility than a traditional bank.
Private, Corporate, Funds & Institutions & Non-Resident Clients

Areas of Expertise

Interpolitan stands out by prioritising client accessibility and flexibility. They have eliminated barriers such as minimum account balances, required deposits, and mandatory investible assets. Additionally, their partnership with tier-one banking institutions ensures that funds held in safeguarded accounts have no limits. This exceptional approach, combined with their unrivalled financial expertise, sets Interpolitan apart in the industry.

They provide unique named local currency accounts to help their clients pay, collect and hold funds with more flexibility than a traditional bank, within 7-10 working days. They also offer comprehensive financial solutions, such as FX Risk Management, Mass Payments, Escrow Services, and UK Company Formation services. Their goal is to equip their clients with a full spectrum of services to meet their diverse financial needs across the world.

Working with GTM Global

GTM Global is thrilled to be partnering with Interpolitan Money, as they offer a comprehensive range of products and solutions for companies internationally.

We applaud Interpolitan on its mission of equipping companies with a full spectrum of alternative banking solutions to meet their diverse financial needs of agile, digital and borderless trade.

Principal Services


Pay & collect from 160+ countries and hold funds in 50+ currencies all within one platform.


Interpolitan is directly connected to payment networks around the world, ensuring back-to-back payment processing in multiple jurisdictions.


Collect funds locally into one global account. Process collections seamlessly in over 50 currencies from over 160 countries.

FX Risk Management

FX Risk Management products for clients that trade internationally. This service is tailored to each client to help them manage their foreign exchange risk and mitigate against currency volatility.


An independent, third-party account so you can hold funds in escrow until agreed terms have been obligated on all sides.

Mass Payments

An automated pay-out infrastructure, purpose-built to help you reduce your overheads, streamline payment processes and enhance your B2B relationships in your global operations.

Key Advisors

Anoop Nair

Director, Head of Commercial

Anoop is a growth leader with 20 years of experience in financial services. Prior to joining Interpolitan Money Group, Anoop worked at large multinational banks such as Barclays, Deutsche Bank and Citigroup within the Corporate & Investment bank space. During his career, Anoop has been instrumental in delivering marquee payment solutions that supported FinTechs in India. As the Director & Country Head, Anoop represents Interpolitan Money at various FinTech forums in India and South Asia, and is hugely passionate about Cross-border Banking.

Rocco Magno

Director, Head of Commercial

Rocco has over 30 years of experience in financial services and joined Interpolitan Money in March 2023. Prior to joining Interpolitan, Rocco worked at American Express, Thomas Cook, WorldFirst and LianLian Pay within the cross-border payments and foreign exchange sector. During his career, Rocco has successfully grown businesses through leading commercial teams and supporting businesses and private clients with their international payment needs. As Head of Commercial, Rocco is responsible for the overall growth strategy of the business including the day-to-day management of the sales organisation.

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