Meet 7 US West Coast SaaS Brands

go to market USA in 2020

If you are seeking to build links and partnerships with US West Coast SaaS companies, this is a great opportunity to join us for an interactive, informal discussion

The Metro Phoenix Export Alliance (MPEXA) Global R.I.S.E., coordinated by Greater Phoenix Economic Council, funded by JPMorgan Chase and managed by GTM Global had planned to be in the UK with seven fast-growing Arizona SaaS brands during March 2020.

The subsequent COVID crisis meant that although the physical mission was postponed, the desire to launch and grow into UK tech markets is still buoyant.

Out of the seven companies two already have a UK presence and the other five are looking to do so in the next 3-6 months, those who will be joining us on the webinar are…

1. Acronis

Acronis is a Cybersecurity 24/7 data/cloud operations centre, based in Arizona and with a strong B2B presence in the UK. Strengthening their bilateral connections between Arizona and the UK is a key component of their interest in the mission. The UK is the only market in the world where their cloud revenue outpaces their on-premises services.

2. Allbound

Allbound’s Partner Sales Acceleration platform lets any size business accelerate growth through sales and marketing partners. They have recently set up a London office and are now looking to grow partnerships across the UK and Europe.

3. Hownd

Hownd is a fully automated Foot Traffic Platform that generates profitable guest visits for local businesses. They too have recently raised funding to open an office from London and grow across Europe within the next 3 months.

4. Televeda

Televeda is an Interactive Live-Streamed Gaming, Educational and Fitness media channel for care home occupants and related seniors. They are particularly interested to work with strategic partners in the care home sector and are planning market entry in the next 3 months.

5. Trainual

Trainual is a Learning Management / Training System for Enterprise businesses. They already have some 200 UK clients and wish to set up a UK office for Q4 2020.

6. Truyo

Truyo is a data privacy and compliance programmes created by its development arm IntraEdge and partners with Intel and Microsoft. Consumer portal for customers to see their data in different classifications. They have already been successful with the platform in the US with CCPA and are seeking to the same here in the UK/ EU around GDPR with the enterprise market.

7. Zynity

Zynity is an Executive Coaching platform for management teams in series A and series B companies and the coaches who their services to that same market.


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