Access US and International Expansion Experts

US & International Expansion Experts

Book a FREE online meeting with US and International experts to prepare for the post-COVID-19 upturn.

In these challenging times, GTM Global is proud to announce a brand new online version of its highly successful US Market Entry and International Expansion Planning Workshops.

For a limited time, you can now book a personal online 1-2-1 meeting with in-country specialists, overseas government advisors, economic development organisations (EDOs), supply chain support companies and GTM Global’s team of international trade mentors.

Reserve now to:

  • Get expert advice and guidance remotely and at your convenience
  • Understand the impact of foreign governments’ COVID- 19 intervention plans on UK businesses
  • Prepare for the post-coronavirus upturn ahead of the crowds
  • Develop and validate your US expansion market entry strategy and plans
  • Receive practical help and advice from experts in setting up and doing business in the US and internationally
  • Obtain introductions to channel partners and sales opportunities
  • Access grants and incentives for US inward investment

In the last 3 years, GTM Global and its partner network have helped over 4,000 UK companies expand internationally through its workshop programme. Reserve your online meeting to join this community and benefit from a wide range of resources, promotions and events.

Opportunity in the US

The Conference Board’s Economic Forecast for the U.S. Economy states that the US economy should begin to return to its long term trajectory in the second half of 2020 as consumer spending rebounds. Before COVID-19, the US digital economy was growing 4.3x faster than the US economy at large. As a result, we might expect to see an even greater growth rate post virus. And this could present a huge opportunity for UK companies.

Get Expert Advice & Guidance in Every Aspect of International Expansion

The GTM partner network can support you with:

  • Market entry and US expansion strategy
  • Routes to market, channels and distribution
  • Compliance, legal, visas and company setup
  • Accounting, taxation, sales tax and payroll
  • Operations, logistics and shipping
  • Banking, investment and FX
  • Access to governmental and trade bodies
  • US travel management services

How to Make a Reservation

To make a reservation, scroll through the mentors and advisors listed below, identify those most relevant to your needs and then complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Meet the Experts

We bring together a talented selection of US in-country specialists and UK experts to help you plan and execute your US market entry. Browse the bios and identify the advisors you would like to talk to. Register for the programme and we will do the rest!

Accounting, Tax & Compliance

Antoine Guillaud, Founding & Managing Partner of International Management Solutions, Houston, Detroit & Chicago

Antoine and his team specialise in providing accounting, tax, employment, investment and compliance advice for UK and European companies setting up or expanding in the US.

Check out this video to hear Ben from Antoine’s team and other GTM partners offering top tips on US expansion to UK companies.

US Legal & Compliance

Tom Thorelli Founding Partner of Chicago-based Thorelli Associates

Tom specialises in helping UK companies minimise legal risks in the US. Key areas include IP protection, employment and trading contracts, corporate structuring, immigration and visas, dispute resolution, and product liability preventive management.

US West Coast Market Access

Stephane Frijia, Senior Vice President of Strategy at Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC)

GPEC helps UK businesses access and grow into US West Coast, US South West and Western Canadian and Mexican markets. They offer advice, connections and a raft of benefits and incentives to attract inward investment. Key business sectors include – eCommerce, Logistics, Supply chain, Financial Services, Smart-city, IoT, Datacentres, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Aerospace, Blockchain and Smart-Manufacturing.

US East Coast Market Access

Jan E. Mul, Director, International Business Investment at Fairfax County Economic Development Authority (FCEDA)

Jan and his team at FCEDA enable your business to directly access and grow into the US East Coast markets. Markets include technology, financial services, government, defence, cybersecurity, aerospace, data analytics, healthcare and professional services. Fairfax County has access to national government bodies and regional East Coast business centres in New York, Boston and Raleigh.

US Sales & Marketing

Steve Lainer, Founder & CEO of Washington-based AWS Corporation

Over the last 20 years, Steve has helped hundreds of European SMEs enter the US market. He can help you with market research, go-to-market strategy, sales and marketing activities and general business development.

US Sales Tax Advice

Colin Stansbury, Strategic Alliance Manager at Seattle-based Avalara

Colin and his team provide mission-critical advice on US Sales Tax. Including how to manage and transact your way through the many thousands of State and local taxing jurisdictions in the US, making it one of the most complex tax regimes in the world.

Check out this video to hear Colin and other GTM partners offering top tips for US expansion to UK companies.

Employment & Payroll Solutions

Mark Robbins, Vice-President of EMEA Sales at Safeguard Global, Austen, Texas, London & Globally

Safeguard offer an alternative solution to the often complex and time-consuming task of hiring and managing payroll services for your US team, so you can focus on launching and growing your US business. Their solution takes care of all payroll, benefits, tax and compliance requirements for your new US workers (and any other international jurisdictions too).

Data-Led Sales

Peter Briggs, Founder & CEO at London-based Vuzo

Peter and his team specialise in helping retail marketing teams and their agencies to tap into the enormous potential of data science to grow internationally. Hidden in every company’s transaction data are patterns just waiting to be found. Patterns in seasonality, product pairings, and pockets of highly valuable customers. Their unique mix of marketing and data science experience delivers practical solutions with real bottom-line benefits.

Banking & Foreign Exchange

James Read, Team Lead & Senior Partnership Sales at WorldFirst

With WorldFirst you can setup a US bank account within hours, without having to have a US entity or any pre-existing sales. WorldFirst also offers a best-in-class foreign exchange service up to 85% cheaper than other Fx services. Access is immediate and you can start making savings instantly.

Shipping & Logistics

David Pasley-Smith Head of International Development – Global Freight Solutions GFS)

Shipping internationally can be complex and expensive especially when it comes to satisfying the delivery and return options of local consumers. GFS offers a scaleable, multi-carrier check-out solution that can be localised to each market. It delivers a better customer experience, reduces warehouse costs and it integrates into your existing eCommerce solution seamlessly.

SEO For Successful US Market Entry

Simon Schnieders, Founder & CEO – Blue Array

Simon has an exemplary record of developing and executing SEO strategy for major brands including Zoopla, Mail Online and He has worked with the GTM Global community since inception, helping hundreds of UK companies fine-tune and develop their SEO practices for overseas market entry with fantastic tips, advice and recommendations for marketers and webmasters alike.

Transformation for International Growth

Vicki Young, CEO Founder of Nalla, brand transformation agency

Nalla build brands and transform the way you do business to maximise your chance of success, at home and abroad. Having worked on numerous international assignments, the Nalla team can help you to better understand your US customers, align your brand purpose and messaging to resonate with this new audience/market, and position your business to compete effectively.

International eCommerce Strategy

Jeremy Wilson, Director and PE Lead at Practicology, a Pattern company

Jeremy specializes in developing strategies to enable businesses to accelerate their digital opportunities as well as supporting 3rd party investors.
He helps management and investors evaluate opportunities by focusing on the people, processes and systems that support and drive the business proposition.

Jeremy also works extensively with management teams in developing and delivering business plans.  

International Business Growth

Hannah Ingram-Moore, Co-Founder of the Maytrix Group

Hannah is an experienced COO with specialist knowledge around creating and delivering omnichannel strategies, customer journey, international sales, distribution, marketing and logistics supply chain in luxury goods, FMCG, F&B, tech and hospitality. Maytrix have also developed innovative talent mapping strategies to ensure you retain and grow your top talent.

International Business Growth

Roddy Cameron, CEO of Westcliff Strategic Consultants

Roddy provides a mission-critical blend of legal, growth management and financial public relations, delivering equity value. Roddy’s recent international Fintech experience provides a roadmap on revenue models, team sizes and rate of build, pace of internationalisation, and how to marry this to a cohesive brand built on shared values.

US eCommerce Sales Strategy

Zubin Mowlavi, President at VaynerCommerce

VaynerCommerce launched in 2020 off the heels of VaynerX’s acquisition of Lucid Fusion. 

VaynerCommerce was built to help brands achieve sustainable online growth. VaynerCommerce brings a new and different offering to the marketplace, focused on growth through the lens of customer lifetime value. By integrating the entire funnel across creative, media, technology, and life cycle marketing, they are able to deliver an outcomes-focused approach for our clients.

Reserve Your 1-2-1 Online Meetings

Please complete the form below and we will put you in touch with the mentors to organise a mutually agreeable time for your online meeting.

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About GTM Global

GTM Global connects UK scale-up brands in digital and tech to a designated panel of experts from government, trade bodies and commercial partners to provide on-going advice and guidance on go-to-market strategy and international expansion planning.

By participating in the programme you can expect a mix of the following:

  • Advice and guidance from experts in international trade
  • Export readiness audits and market research reports
  • Access to a network of in-country specialists and trade partners
  • Go-to-market strategy development and market expansion planning
  • Compliance, regulatory and risk management planning
  • In-country distribution, sales and business development services
  • Access to overseas EDOs, accelerator programs and government support
  • Funding via an international network of investors and VCs
  • Curated promotions and offers for businesses transacting overseas


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