US Smart City & EdTech Expansion Workshop


Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd September 15:00-18:30

GTM Global in association with Department for International Trade & Greater Phoenix Economic Council present a Virtual Workshop with break-out sessions for 1-2-1 discussions with US in-country experts.

Do Business in the Fastest-Growing Region in the US

The Greater Phoenix metropolitan region is the fastest growing region in the US adding nearly 100k new residents annually. In a Post-COVID economy more dependent on big-data, smart infrastructure and distance learning – the US’s largest and most connected smart region in looking for new, innovative solutions.

Join us at this FREE workshop to find out about the opportunities, incentives and benefits of basing your business in Greater Phoenix. Get bespoke advice and guidance from regional US Smart City and EdTech experts, economic development organisations, and critical in-country service providers covering legal, accounting, operational, HR and financial considerations.

Highly recommend this to every scale-up

In a little under two hours I had discussions with eight mentors who really opened my eyes to the many business critical issues and challenges that need addressing. I also came away with a much deeper understanding of why businesses succeed or fail in their overseas pursuits.

Spencer Bruce

Head of B2B & International at XenZone

The advice was just unbelievable

I went to the event to find out how to expand online sales and compete more effectively in the US. We covered this plus setting up an office, the legislative, hiring, contracting, visa issues, and alternative options like using a US based outsourced sales operation and distribution channel.

Hugh Carling

CEO Liveminds

Got an intro to one of our target prospects

I wanted to better understand the competitor landscape and routes to market for our products in the US, and after talking to the in-country specialists got some great insights plus a much clearer picture of the options and amazingly, several connections to channel partners.

Andrew Jameson

Director – Capital Play

The workshop is for founders, C-suite executives, and senior managers of UK scale-ups with Smart City or EdTech solutions looking to expand into the US in Q4 2020 and into 2021.

Delegates will benefit from having 1-2-1 bespoke sessions with mission critical in-country experts to help them assess, understand, and implement any planned expansion to the US, mitigating risk and increasing opportunity.

Attend and get

  • Access – 3 Months Free Office Space, Key Local Business Networks, Market Data, Operating Cost Analysis, and more.
  • Reach – In one day 37 million customers engaged in a $2.3 trillion economy & 14 million school and HE students transitioning to distance learning
  • Engage – With smart infrastructure projects powered by 5G networks
  • Competitive Market Entry – 42% lower operating costs than California
  • Explore – Innovative partnerships like the Cox Connected Environments Collaboratory, Sprint 5G Incubator, AWS Cloud Innovation Center, and other focusing on future technologies that enable smart and sustainable cities

Meet the Smart-City & Ed-Tech experts from Greater Phoenix

COVID-19 is proving to be a dramatic accelerant, forcing billions globally to re-evaluate and transform the urban environment in terms of buildings, transportation, energy, and online learning – virtually overnight.

The combination of the game-changing effects of the pandemic with the exponential population growth of Greater Phoenix – adding nearly 100k new inhabitants every year – makes the Greater Phoenix Metro Region the ideal testing ground to expand and grow your Smart City and EdTech solution across North America…

At this virtual workshop you will meet US trade experts alongside representatives from the UK’s Department for International Trade.

Meet the US Operations & Compliance Experts

  • US Legal, Incorporation, Trademarks, Visas and Regulatory – Tom Thorelli, Founding Partner Thorelli & Associates
  • US Accounting, Employment & Tax Management – Antoine Guillaud, President IMS
  • US Sales Tax and Nexus – Colin Stansbury, Avalara
  • US Smart Payments & Banking Solutions – James Read, World First
  • US Flexible HR & Payroll Solutions – Mark Robbins, Safeguard Global

The Format

The format follows GTM’s classic workshop series, offering access to our US experts through a series of designated 30-minute 1-2-1 consultations.

Consultations are being run over a four-hour period starting mid-afternoon when we will zoom-in experts direct from the US to join our UK advisor network.

Following registration, the GTM team will be in touch to find out about your expansion plans and specific areas of interest so that we can reserve your dedicated 1-2-1 sessions.

Places are naturally limited because of the 30-minute consultation format, so early registration is recommended.

About GTM Global

GTM Global connects UK scale-up brands in digital and tech to a designated panel of experts from government, trade bodies and commercial partners to provide on-going advice and guidance on go-to-market strategy and international expansion planning.

  • Advice and guidance from experts in international trade
  • Export readiness audits and market research reports
  • Access to a network of in-country specialists and trade partners
  • Go-to-market strategy development and market expansion planning
  • Compliance, regulatory and risk management planning
  • In-country distribution, sales and business development services
  • Access to overseas EDOs, accelerator programs and government support
  • Funding via an international network of investors and VCs
  • Curated promotions and offers for businesses transacting overseas


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