GTM Global Partner Portal

Access to this portal is restricted to GTM Global partners subscribed to the service.
If you do not have access please contact the GTM Global team here.

Terms of Access

In order to access the shared delegate data, you must agree to the following terms of access:

When a person registers to attend a GTM event we display clear information to help them understand how we process and share the data they supply. We normally state the following:

Your information is safe and will only ever be shared with our partners, including the Department for International Trade, for the purpose of delivering information, advice and services to you. By providing your email address you agree to our Privacy Policy here.

The GTM Privacy Policy specifies how we collect, process, share and use information. It also describes the choices a registrant has regarding use, access and correction of personal information we hold.

The GTM policy has been developed to fully comply with the terms of the Data Protection Act 2018 which incorporates the UK’s implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In order for us to ensure compliance to the DPA and the terms of our Privacy Policy, it is essential that our partners are also compliant with these terms and that they in turn conduct their business in a DPA/GDPR compliant manner.

We ask you to read our Privacy Policy carefully and contact us if you require any clarification.

When you access the shared delegate information below, you are agreeing on behalf of your organisation to comply with the aforementioned terms and in addition, we ask you to confirm that:

  • your business is compliant with the UK’s DPA 2018 (incorporating GDPR)
  • you will store the information we share securely taking the same precautions as your business would in storing its own sensitive information in a GDPR compliant way
  • you will only use the data for the purposes described on the GTM Global event registration pages and in our privacy policy
  • you will only share the information within your organisation on a “need to know” basis and when doing so to ensure that the person with whom you are sharing the information is aware of your company’s obligations under this agreement
  • in the event of a third-party request such as a subject access request or a request to erase data that GTM global receives, fully comply with such requests as though the requestor had made the request directly to your company
  • in the event that you become aware of a breach of any terms relating to these Terms of Access or a breach of your company’s own obligations under the DPA, GDPR or any other regional data protection laws, you must notify GTM Global immediately