Ready for Lift-Off: The Unique in-Space Ecosystem at the Centre of Europe




In-space Trade & Investment Opportunities with Switzerland

Centred around the city of Lausanne on the shores of Lake Geneva, there is a dynamic and innovative in-space Swiss ecosystem that offers real and expansive trade and investment lift-off opportunities for ambitious UK scale-ups.

Here is our round-up of In-space Trade & Investment Opportunities with Switzerland.

Nurturing Growth

Take for instance the experiences of Coactum. Their founder Pau Molas Roca had a powerful idea around simple, secure, and fast in-space transportation services. Originally from Catalonia, he was looking for a European hub to develop and nurture his start-up.

Key to his vision was a combination of finding the right investor networks and a talented team of engineers and technicians that could make his vision a reality. Setting up business in the Vaud region. Coactum has moved from an ideas-led start-up to a substantive scale-up. Their platform allows fast access to orbits which are otherwise expensive and slow to reach and is now working with national space procurement networks in the US and Europe.

Fantastic Springboard

Another entrepreneur, Luke Ward has cited the importance of the Innovaud ecosystem to his Liftango smart transportation programme, especially around key areas of research development and collaboration. Working with the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne and the KNOVA partnership programme has provided Luke’s company with a ‘fantastic springboard for our technology to grow and develop and we are excited to see this come to life in 2023 and beyond. Liftango’s success in scaling is now palpable. We power some of the most successful on-demand shared transport systems across the world in rural and metropolitan areas alike.’

New Free Trade Agreement

Add to this mix recent negotiations for an enhanced Free Trade Agreement between the Swiss and UK governments that will remove the remaining market access barriers, improve regulatory cooperation, and enable UK firms to invest in Switzerland, now and in the future. ‘Lausanne has a growing international reputation as a hub for innovative technology companies, and what is most fascinating is the similarity between the UK and Swiss innovation sectors, the great opportunities that clearly exist there’ says UK growth and investment specialist, Lucy Tarleton from CFPro.

Knitting this together is the region’s economic development board, Innovaud, which is keen to engage and assist interested and ambitious UK space-tech platforms.

To find out how your smart in-space technologies can lift-off from the Vaud Region, contact us or check out our events programme for upcoming expansion workshops where you will have an opportunity to directly connect with a host of in-country experts.


Mark Stimpfig
Mark Stimpfig
Mark Stimpfig co-founded GTM Global in 2015, having previously run national and international marketing programmes for clients like Sony, Dixons / PC World, Safeway and Reuters. Mark was also until recently, the London Development Director for Greater Phoenix Economic Council, the leading Economic Development Agency in North America in 2021/2022.