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Live online briefing: US Legal and Economic Intervention for UK businessesvideo

US Legal and Economic Intervention. A Video Briefing for UK Businesses

Watch a live GTM Global webinar, in association with the Department for International Trade, on the impact of US Legal and Economic Intervention on international trade in North America.
new mobility electric scooter

New Mobility in the Nordics – An Emerging Sector

In the Nordics, the new mobility sector has grown rapidly in recent years. Find out who are the forerunners and how climate goals are driving change.
denmark power hub for data centres

Denmark is a Power Hub for International Data Centres

Denmark is the new power hub for data centres and the new Cloud is green.
ergurt thuringia germany

Setting Up and Growing Your Business in Central Germany / EU

Find out why eCommerce, logistics, smart energy or manufacturing businesses looking to scale and grow in the EU should consider the centre of Germany.

10 Top Tips For Successful US Expansion

Watch 10 short video clips of GTM Global partners and US experts sharing their tips and advice for...
USA flag US business expansion

Taking Your First Steps in the United States? Part 1. State...

In this four-part series, Antoine Guillaud, President of International Management Solutions (IMS) and Advisor to the French Ministry of Foreign Commerce, shares...
Shanghai City Landscape, China

Thinking of Selling Your Products or Services in China?

China is one of the great economic success stories of the last 30 years. And offers a huge market for UK businesses...