Brexit & International Trade

An Opportunity for GTM companies & partners to be part of a Special Report to be published in The Times in September.

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We are delighted to announce that GTM Global has entered into a partnership agreement with Raconteur to work on a special report on ‘Brexit & International Trade’ to be published in The Times newspaper and its online version on 14th September 2021.

The 16-page report will be reaching over 1 million readers, with the highest proportion of high-level executives of any national newspaper. It will also be circulated on The Times iPad edition, which has on average 107,000 daily downloads at a dwell time of 36 minutes.

It is clearly a great accolade and endorsement to be selected by Raconteur and The Times but the reality is, we wouldn't have been able to create this opportunity without the engagement and support of the ambitious scale-ups and international partners in the GTM Ecosystem, to whom we are truly grateful.

Publicity Opportunities

We wanted to share this information with the GTM Ecosystem because there are opportunities for the companies and partners in our network, to capitalise on this amazing opportunity.

Importantly, we have been able to negotiate a special advertising and editorial offer that may be of interest. Read on to find out more. But first, some context about the special report.

Special Report

Brexit’s impact on UK trade will take a long time to materialize fully. Information on this topic is abundant - however, business leaders are confused and lack direction on which steps to take, whom to trust and are struggling to find the best partners during such uncertain times.

In order to avoid short-term trade disruption or longer-term supply chain adjustments, there are several challenges businesses must tackle to keep goods and services moving, as well as countless new opportunities to strengthen the commercial links away from Europe.

This report will explore the post-Brexit trading landscape and the growing importance of establishing overseas trade partnerships.

Joana Ruffle

Campaign Manager at Raconteur

Special Advertising Rates & Editorial Opportunities

We have negotiated an advertising and editorial offer that may be of interest if you'd like to reach the high-level executives who read The Times or indeed the general readership.

The report is 70% independent editorial written by the UK’s leading journalists in the industry, with the other 30% reserved for advertising options.

Advertising options include various display ad formats and different advertorial sizes. At GTM, we are also working on a shared-contribution advertorial piece which should provide a cost effective way to participate.

There are also opportunities for well-aligned partners (aligned in relation to the subject matter) to come on board in a brand awareness or thought leadership capacity within that 30%. Doing so gives the partner's brand access to The Times' audience as well as all of the licensing rights of the report and The Times logo.

For all these options, we can extend a discount on the rate card costs as a result of our special arrangement. Please register your interest to find out more and participate by completing the form below.

Taking Up This Offer

For further details about the report and how your company can get involved, get in touch

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