Fractional Execs




If you’re scaling-up, your budget won’t stretch to hire a top-quality executive director to help you accelerate your international growth. Or might it?

We’ve collaborated with Boardroom Advisors to offer a pool of highly experienced Strategy/ Growth/ Product/ International Development Executives on a fractional basis.

  • No recruitment fee
  • Flat, affordable day rate
  • No long term commitment
  • Interchangeable personnel as your needs change
  • Available from one day per quarter and almost immediately

Boardroom Advisors have built a national pool of the most experienced Advisors in the UK – they’ll find the right match for your needs, available on your terms.

Sample of skills available

Boardroom Advisors has executives with experience of US, European and Asian market entry; fundraising; talent management, product design and innovation, customer journeys, sales, franchising and more across multiple sectors, from retail to finance.


  • Implemented operations strategy across 9 European countries
  • Grew international P+L from £0 to £10m


  • Banking entrepreneur
  • Former CEO of specialist UK Bank exited to PE
  • International Banker (HSBC) 25 years


  • 20 yrs in eCommerce and Multichannel sales
  • Managed teams in B2B and B2C across EMEA, Asia Pacific the Middle East

Book a Call to Scope Your Needs

Please contact GTM Global’s Roderick Cameron, London Regional Director, Boardroom Advisors by completing the form on our contact page.


Ian Collins
Ian Collins
Ian Collins, with an extensive background spanning over 30 years in business development and general management, co-founded GTM Global in 2015. His experience encompasses hi-tech industries such as security, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, and enterprise software solutions. In his career, Ian has started several tech companies, overseen two corporate ventures, executed a management buy-in, and led two business turnarounds. He has also been involved in buying, selling, and merging various of his companies, and has achieved two successful business exits. Ian's expertise is particularly focused on business growth strategies and leading-edge proposition development.