Fractional Execs


If you’re scaling-up, your budget won’t stretch to hire a top-quality executive director to help you accelerate your international growth. Or might it?

We’ve collaborated with Boardroom Advisors to offer a pool of highly experienced Strategy/ Growth/ Product/ International Development Executives on a fractional basis.

  • No recruitment fee
  • Flat, affordable day rate
  • No long term commitment
  • Interchangeable personnel as your needs change
  • Available from one day per quarter and almost immediately

Boardroom Advisors have built a national pool of the most experienced Advisors in the UK – they’ll find the right match for your needs, available on your terms.

Sample of skills available

Boardroom Advisors has executives with experience of US, European and Asian market entry; fundraising; talent management, product design and innovation, customer journeys, sales, franchising and more across multiple sectors, from retail to finance.


  • Implemented operations strategy across 9 European countries
  • Grew international P+L from £0 to £10m


  • Banking entrepreneur
  • Former CEO of specialist UK Bank exited to PE
  • International Banker (HSBC) 25 years


  • 20 yrs in eCommerce and Multichannel sales
  • Managed teams in B2B and B2C across EMEA, Asia Pacific the Middle East

Book a Call to Scope Your Needs

Please contact GTM Global’s Roderick Cameron, London Regional Director, Boardroom Advisors by completing the form on our contact page.