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The global standards organisation, GS1 UK, has partnered with GTM Global, to deliver a programme of webinars, workshops and resources, to support GS1 members in their international expansion and growth.

The programme is delivered by a mix of international trade organisations, commercial business partners with expertise in D2C marketing, logistics, compliance, sales taxes, sales channels etc, and local suppliers with specialist services to support UK companies. You can check out our upcoming events here.

On this page, you will find invaluable insights, tips, advice and guidance from seasoned North American executives covering mission-critical aspects of your market entry strategy and expansion.

  • Get invaluable advice from Gary Vaynerchuck’s president of VaynerCommerce, Zubin Mowlavi, on how to build a sustainable D2C US business and get x4 revenue growth over the competition. Watch the short video here.
  • Hear from Rick Dircks, Co-Founder and Executive VP of Dircks Logistics, as he reveals startling facts and figures about the state of play of the US and North American logistics landscape and how UK companies can address the opportunities and jump the hurdles. Watch the short video here.
  • Meet Michael O’Hara, Global Marketing & Development at specialist US market entry firm, gigCMO, as he describes a five-point plan to ensure you reach your target audiences and maximise revenues. Watch the short video here.
  • Watch Tom Thorelli of US law firm Thorelli & Associates as Tom shares his tips and advice on how to minimise your risk when doing business in the highly litigious USA. Watch the short video here.
  • Find out from James Bright, Partnerships Manager at Avalara how to navigate and manage your US tax and nexus liabilities across the 14,000 jurisdictions and 40,000+ US tax rates. Watch the short video here.

Meet Gary Vaynerchuck’s Right Hand Man

In this short but hugely valuable clip, Zubin Mowlavi, CEO of Gary Vaynerchuck’s VaynerCommerce, talks about the challenges of selling direct to consumers in the USA and provides some great tips, advice and insights to help UK brands with their US market entry strategy, planning and growth.

Key learnings include:

  • How to build a sustainable D2C brand and generate 4x revenue growth over your competition
  • The importance of customer value & continuous innovation in driving LTV
  • Understanding the social impact, life-changing value, emotional reaction or functional value your products engender in the consumer
  • The positive effect of fully aligned values and sharing of financials across the business & supply chain
  • Prioritising customer segments and maximising value in the sales channels

N. America Logistics – Facts You Need To Know

Rick Dircks is the founder and Executive VP of Dircks Logistics and works with some of the world’s greatest brands and rising stars. In this clip, he shares some stark facts and figures about the state of play of the US logistics sector: Information that every UK exporter needs to know!

Key learnings include:

  • The consequences of demand being so much greater than supply coupled with post-Covid labour shortages
  • The benefits of working through US-based companies to deliver faster more efficiency and local knowledge
  • How to work around the fact that larger customers tend to get better service/priority
  • Effective stocking strategies to cover damaged/returned goods and respond to short term demand
  • Pooling resources and aggregating supplies to get better deals

Take Your North American Sales To The Next Level

Michael O’Hara is an expert in N. American market entry strategy, marketing, sales and business growth. Being US-based, he has extensive local knowledge and experience in both B2B and B2C arenas, including retail, SaaS, Fintech, MedTech, digital services, IoT & Smart City. Importantly, he knows what it takes to compete in the US, having run several highly successful businesses and helped numerous UK companies grow their market share.

Hear from Michael in this short video as he shares his insights, tips and advice:

  • The pros and cons of being on Amazon versus a direct to consumer model
  • Beyond Amazon, the importance of searchable products, good organic & PPC
  • Developing your SEM strategy – RTM followed by PPC?

14,000 Tax Jurisdictions Heading Your Way!

Navigating the complex web of State and inter-State US sales taxes and nexus can be a daunting task. Watch this short video featuring James Bright from a sales tax specialist, Avalara, as he explains how taxes affect UK businesses and the steps you can take to ensure you are compliant.

Key learnings include:

  • What nexus means to UK companies and why you need to be compliant to avoid fines
  • How to navigate the 35,000 different US tax rates and handle the 20% that change on a monthly basis
  • Tax thresholds, reporting requirements, eCommerce integration & automation – the way to go!

Minimising Risk Doing Business In The USA

The USA is the most litigious society in the world and that’s the reason Tom’s no1 advice is to act in a preventative capacity when doing business there. And since Tom’s firm works exclusively with UK & European companies doing business in the USA, he has the experience and local knowledge to smooth the way for your market entry. Hear from Tom in this short video as he walks you through the critical factors you’ll need to be aware of.

Key takeaways include:

  • How US law dictates specific terminology in relation to consumer warranties/guarantees
  • The pros and cons of setting up a US company
  • Minimising risk and managing IP rights, potential trademark infringement and legal agreements
  • The importance of adapting sales terms such that they are enforceable in the USA

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