North American Logistics – The Critical Success Factors You Need To Know




Opportunities and challenges in the US and North American logistics landscape

Hear from Rick Dircks, Co-Founder and Executive VP of Dircks Logistics, as he reveals startling facts and figures about the state of play of the US and North American logistics landscape and how UK companies can address the opportunities and jump the hurdles.

Rick is the founder and Executive VP of Dircks Logistics, the leading moving and storage company in Arizona, with operations in Phoenix and Tucson. They are a part of the largest moving network in the United States – Mayflower Van Lines and United Van Lines. Rick works with some of the world’s greatest brands and rising stars.

In this clip, he shares some stark facts and figures about the state of play of the US logistics sector: Information that every UK exporter needs to know!

Key learnings include:

  • The consequences of demand being so much greater than supply coupled with post-Covid labour shortages
  • The benefits of working through US-based companies to deliver faster more efficiency and local knowledge
  • How to work around the fact that larger customers tend to get better service/priority
  • Effective stocking strategies to cover damaged/returned goods and respond to short term demand
  • Pooling resources and aggregating supplies to get better deals
This video bite is taken from a highly acclaimed eCommerce webinar delivered in association with GS1. For more highlights and information click here.

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Ian Collins
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