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GTM Global in Association with Frazier & Deeter, Thorelli & Associates and US Expansion Partners

30 November 2023, 15:00 -16:30 GMT

Frazier & Deeter


GTM Global in Association with Frazier & Deeter, Thorelli & Associates and US Expansion Partners


30 November 2023
15:00 - 16:30 GMT


On Zoom


Interactive Panel Session

Beyond Boston - Set up Operations, find Funding & Partners to Expand into the USA

Without leaving your office chair, join us for a unique interactive panel discussion from US in-country experts in Boston, Irvine, Washington DC, Indianapolis, Virginia, Dallas, Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, Tampa, Phoenix, & Las Vegas on;

  • Identifying the right US City or State to land & expand in
  • Finding the right City to locate & grow from
  • Engaging with appropriate business & commercial partners
  • Protecting your IP & US Set-up
  • Accessing the right funding & audit solutions

In 90 minutes online, you’ll hear & connect with a multitude of in-country experts from key US cities, regulatory experts, commercial partners, funders, economic development boards, universities, & accelerator programmes.

From these smarter connections you’ll get valuable and timely qualified leads to successfully land and expand your digital and tech applications in North America.

Why Should You Attend

  • Soft-landing – from Boston, Indianna, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Irvine & Washington DC
  • Partnerships – collaboration with local accelerators, universities, hospitals, and insurers
  • Regulatory – advice on, establishing US business entity, audit, tax, and IP protection
  • Finance – access to Federal, State, City grants, funding, and investment networks
  • Business Development – finding regional and national 3rd party channels and networks beyond clinical trials

Event Agenda

  • 15:00 - Mark Stimpfig, Co-founder, GTM – Welcome
  • 15:05 - Tony Jones, CEO, One Nucleus, Boston and beyond
  • 15:10 - 15:30 - Interactive panel discussion on City to City Landscapes. Chaired by Chris Howie, GTM Head of Lifesciences – views and opportunities from a series of US city stakeholders from Boston, Phoenix, Indianna, & Washington DC.
  • 15:30 – 15:50 - Interactive panel discussion on Regulatory Landscapes. Chaired by Mark Stimpfig – FDA approvals and operational growth – advice and guidance from QRx, Frazier Deeter, Thorelli & Associates & US Expansion Partners.
  • 15:50 - 16:10 - Interactive panel discussion on Commercial Opportunities. Chaired by Mindy Daeschner – a discussion with key stakeholders in key business development & distribution networks on the opportunities to scale in digital and tech applications.
  • 16:30 - Close

Event Speakers

Key regional expansion experts

Mark Stimpfig

Co Founder GTM Global

Providing advice & guidance for tech and digital scale up brands to expand internationally & support companies looking to land & expand into the Greater Phoenix region USA

Ian Collins

Co Founder, GTM Global

30 years’ experience of business development and general management in hi-tech industries, investment and strategic ICT consulting in the UK and internationally.

Chris Howie

Director of Life Sciences, GTM Global

Chris has over 30 years of experience in key sectors such as MedTech devices, Pharma, Bio Pharma, CRO and Academia. He has great access to mission-critical clinical trial and evaluator channels as well as funding, investment, government, and regulatory bodies and networks.

Mindy Daeschner

E-health Practitioner, Daeschner Consulting

Mindy is an E-health Practitioner, offering consulting services, commercial strategy, problem solving and storytelling for businesses focused on transformation of healthcare provision, delivery of technology products, services and exit strategies.

Tony Jones

Chief Executive Officer, One Nucleus

Tony is the CEO of One Nucleus, a membership organisation for international life science and healthcare companies with basis in Cambridge and London UK, the heart of Europe’s largest life science and healthcare cluster.

Kylle Jordan

Global Principal, Medical Alley

Kelly is the Global Principle at Medical Alley, which partners to support, advance and transform the Medical Alley healthcare industry, and its connectivity around the world. They champion and facilitate an environment that enables health technology and care organisations to innovate, succeed and influence the evolution of healthcare.

Andrew Kossack

Executive Vice President for Partnerships & General Counsel, Applied Research Institute

Andrew is an Executive Vice President for Partnerships & General Counsel at ARI (Applied Research Institute). ARI works with academia, industry, and government to create a hub of national security innovation that helps solve critical defense priorities. They are building an ecosystem of economic growth that is speeding new investment and advancing partnerships, and jobs in Indiana.

Stephane Frijia

President and CEO, Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership

Stephane is the President and CEO of Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership, helping to build a globally competitive economy in Northeast Indiana through business development, capacity building and job growth.

Thomas Maynard

Economic Developer, Greater Phoenix Economic Council

Thomas is an economic developer representing the Greater Phoenix region. He specialises in helping corporate clients evaluate expansion opportunities in the region by providing data/support and connecting clients to key resources in the market.

Kathleen Lee

Senior Vice President, Regional Initiatives, Greater Phoenix Economic Council

As Senior Vice President of Regional Initiatives, Kathleen engages with different partner organisations, leading strategic projects that align with GPEC’s Modern Economy Plan, which underscores the need for investments in workforce, innovation, digital and physical infrastructure, and competitiveness policies.

Michael Whitacre

Partner, Frazier & Deeter UK LLP

As Partner in Frazier & Deeter's Tax Practice, Michael specializes in federal and state tax issues such as mergers and acquisitions, controversy, cross-border planning and tax minimisation. He works across various industries including manufacturing/distribution, technology and service-based businesses.

Malcolm Joy

Lead Partner, Frazier & Deeter UK LLP

Malcolm is the Lead Partner of Frazier & Deeter UK, a firm providing advisory services to mid-market businesses, with expertise in supporting cross-border businesses. In addition to leading the firm’s growth in the UK, Malcolm is responsible for tax advisory services and transaction advisory services. Malcolm is also the Global Leader of Transfer Pricing Services at Frazier & Deeter.

Mark Swanson

Healthcare Regulatory Advisor, QRx Partners

Mark has been a leader in Quality and Regulatory for over 25 years. His career includes roles in quality engineering, design assurance, audit, and quality management for companies, including St. Jude Medical and Medtronic, and has provided guidance to numerous medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers of all sizes.

Thomas Thorelli

Attorney & Founding Partner, Thorelli & Associates

Tom is a Founding Partner of Thorelli & Associates, who specialise in assisting small and medium-sized foreign companies in minimizing their legal risks when doing business in the U.S. through taking advance preventive action.

David Rose

CEO, US Expansion Partners

As CEO at US Expansion Partners, David Rose leads a team that helps European technology companies navigate the complexities of launching, managing, and scaling operations in the United States. He has more than 20 years of leadership experience with Fortune 500, high-growth firms and start-up companies in the technology, Internet, and media industries.

Dave Olson

Managing Partner, MedTech Bridge

Dave is an experienced MedTech executive and entrepreneur with broad knowledge of the Minnesota startup environment. As a Managing Partner at MedTech Bridge, Dave helps Nordic and European MedTech companies gain market access and commercialisation in the US Market.

Juhi Naithani

Principal, bGlobal Consulting

Juhi, with a background in economic development, offers a suite of strategic solutions for emerging technology businesses looking to land in the USA; especially in the Washington DC Metro region and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Robert Gangi

International Consultant, Embark Business Solutions

Former Citibank Commercial RM and current business consulting practice owner with a robust network, strong connections, and a vibrant Advisory Board.

Mark Magnacca

Founder, gigCMO

Mark is the Founder and CEO of gigCMO with over 30 years of business experience in senior leadership roles across a diverse range of industries. He recognises the biggest challenge of many established businesses and scale ups is getting access to the right talent at the right time.

Til Jolly

Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder, Columbus Street Partners

Til is the Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of Columbus Street Partners, who offer small to mid-cap and early-stage healthcare companies access to markets in the United States and a return on their investments.

Michael Goldman

Managing Partner, Columbus Street Partners

Michael is a Managing Partner of Columbus Street Partners, who offer small to mid-cap and early-stage healthcare companies access to markets in the United States and a return on their investments.

Arne Madsen

President, Scan MedPartners

Arne is the President of Scan MedPartners. Leveraging a strong network across multiple US healthcare market specialties, Scan MedPartners can get your technology in front of the right qualified partners and the right decision makers. They effectively negotiate high-value licensing agreements for companies with patented technologies and validated clinical claims.

Events Sponsors & Partners

Regional Partner Network
Medical Alley
Applied Research Institute
Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership
QRx Partners
MedTech Bridge
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Columbus Street Partners
Scan MedPartners

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