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New York • Boston • Washington DC • Richmond • Chicago • Indianapolis • Toronto • Miami • Tampa • Austin • Minneapolis • St Paul • San Francisco • Phoenix • Los Angeles • Vancouver


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1st & 2nd March 2023
15:00 - 19:00 GMT


Online Zoom


Interactive 1-2-1 workshop sessions

Connect with US / Canadian Experts in the Digital & Tech Market

The North American market offers great opportunities for ambitious Digital & Tech businesses to grow, but it involves numerous challenges. From legal to tax issues, many factors can affect your expansion plans.

Designed specifically for owner-managed Digital & Tech high-growth businesses, our virtual workshop will help you derisk and accelerate your North American growth. In a short afternoon, you will get game-changing advice on;

  • Location Services & Business Development – Find the best city to launch & grow your tech business from, connect with specialist business development networks, sales & marketing experts
  • Regulation & Compliance – Understand the city by city risks & opportunities in terms of set-up, IP, immigration, tax, banking & audit requirements
  • Access Funding & Talent – Explore the different city / state grants, funding & talent networks via local investors, economic development boards, universities & accelerator programmes

Why Should You Attend

bespoke advice on all things 'international expansion' relevant to your sector

Connect with in-country experts who will deliver invaluable advice, guidance and insights to help fill knowledge gaps and maximise your chances of success.

  • Meet specialist Sales, Business Development & Localisation Experts in Miami, San Francisco, Baltimore & Toronto
  • Talk to key Tech Hubs, R&D Institutions & Investor Networks in Boston, New York, Washington DC, Richmond, Indianapolis, St Paul, Austin, Phoenix & Vancouver
  • Access Federal Government Networks & UK Embassy/Consulate in Washington & Los Angeles
  • Understand Risk, Operational, Banking & Regulatory options from US Attorneys, Accountants & Grant Funders in Minneapolis, Chicago & Tucson

Biz Development

Routes to market, channel partners, strategic sales, corporate ventures...


Offices, staff, payroll, HR, warehousing, manufacture, logistics, agreements...


Regulatory & legislative compliance, sales taxes, legal, accounting, reporting...


Investment, debt finance, grants, state aid, R&D tax relief, banking, Fx...

State Aid & Support

Economic Development Organisations & FDI, State benefits & incentives...

Event Advisors

Key regional expansion experts

Mark Stimpfig

Co Founder, GTM Global

Providing advice & guidance for tech and digital scale up brands to expand internationally & support companies looking to land & expand into the Greater Phoenix region USA

Thomas Thorelli

Attorney & Founding Partner, Thorelli & Associates

Tom is a Founding Partner of Thorelli & Associates, who specialise in assisting small and medium-sized foreign companies in minimizing their legal risks when doing business in the U.S. through taking advance preventive action.

Sonia Kanjee

Senior Manager, UK Practice, International Management Solutions Inc

Sonia is a CPA with ten years of experience in US taxation, specializing in cross border transactions for European corporations with US inbound investments and operations.

Antoine Guillaud

Accountant & President, International Management Solutions Inc

Antoine is an ‘Expert Comptable’ with more than 25 years of experience assisting foreign companies establish themselves in the US market.

Stephen Bridges

Director UK and Ireland, Indiana Economic Development Corp

Stephen is a Director for UK and Ireland at Indiana Economic Development Corp - Indiana's lead economic development agency, helping businesses launch, grow & locate in a state that works.

Lisa Harding

Founder and Chief, XtraBandwidth

Lisa is leading a team of Canada-based specialists who provide expertise and knowledge to help businesses expand internationally into or out of Canada.

Chris Hornby

Director, Sheffield Haworth

Chris leads executive hiring and talent advisory for the Sheffield Haworth’s early-stage technology clients across the Americas market. He has provided consultancy to some of the most innovative brands in the industry, hiring Executives, NED`s and wider leadership talent that have been pivotal to the growth trajectory of some of his clients.

Mark Magnacca

Founder, gigCMO

Mark is the Founder and CEO of gigCMO with over 30 years of business experience in senior leadership roles across a diverse range of industries. He recognises the biggest challenge of many established businesses and scale ups is getting access to the right talent at the right time.

Nasser Sagheb

Founder, COO, Inner Onion

Nassar is the Founder and COO of Inner Onion LLC, helping international companies create an immediate presence in the United States with support for executing go-to-market plans, developing and managing sales teams or reseller channels, and creating technical support operations.

Robert Gangi

International Consultant, Embark/RG Business Consulting

Robert is an international consultant, helping firms of varying sizes and industries create, revisit, and realign their respective strategic plans and financial profiles. Additionally, he manages an extensive network of dot connectors helping businesses across the industry spectrum.

Sammy Tuffaha

Partner, Vivat

Sammy helps businesses accelerate growth and define winning strategies. He implements strategic planning, operations, and go-to-market strategies with a focus on innovative technologies.

Luis Novella

Consulting Partner, Vivat

Luis works as a strategic advisor to CXOs regarding the implementation of business models and go-to-market strategies.

Michael Friend

Director, 18 Growth

Mike is a Director of 18 Growth, an international SEO & PPC agency making businesses more relevant online.

Ronnie Cane

Founder and Director, 18 Growth

Ronnie is a Founder and Director of 18 Growth, an international SEO & PPC agency making businesses more relevant online. He specialises in SEO, PPC, social media marketing, content marketing, design, creative strategy and consultancy.

Sandy Findlay

Innovation Funding, Partnerships Director, ABGi

Sandy is working with partners across the UK to help their members and clients make better-informed decisions about their innovation funding choices and grow the take-up of innovation incentives, ensuring British companies are better placed to choose the innovation funding that is right for them.

Omar Nuaimi

Head of Sales, Found

Omar is a Head of Sales at Found, an international agency helping businesses find the perfect workspace, in the exact place, that works for their people.

Rob Burton

Senior Associate - Business Development, Global Reach

Rob is a Senior Associate at Global Reach, a leading foreign exchange specialist, providing international payments, risk management, and strategic hedging solutions to a wide range of corporate and institutional clients.

Juhi Naithani

Principal, bGlobal Consulting

Juhi offers a suite of strategic solutions for businesses looking to expand to the United States, especially in the Washington D.C. Metro region and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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North America Digital & Tech Expansion Workshop


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