Economic Development Support for High-Growth UK Companies in the Heart of Europe

25th, 26th & 27th June 2024


GTM Global in Association with Innovaud

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1-2-1 connector meetings tailored to your needs.
Available dates include 25th, 26th & 27th June 2024 (Cambridge, Manchester, Edinburgh and London TBC).


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Strategic growth opportunities for UK companies

If you are part of the UK's pharmaceutical, digital healthcare, biotech, or agri-tech sectors, Lausanne, on the shores of Lake Geneva Switzerland represents a pivotal opportunity for your business to connect, grow, and succeed on a global scale.

Nestled in the heart of Europe, Lausanne is not just a location—it's a powerhouse of innovation, connectivity and strategic growth; a launchpad into the European markets and beyond, offering exceptional access and connectivity.

With its vibrant ecosystem supported by world-class research institutions and thriving corporate collaborations, this Swiss region presents unmatched opportunities for UK businesses to expand their operations, form strategic partnerships, and tap into new sales channels and customer bases.

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This May and June, we are delighted to offer you an exclusive opportunity to connect directly with Innovaud, the Swiss Canton of Vaud's principal economic development agency. Through this special invitation, you will gain access to potential grants, subsidies, tax relief and tailored benefits designed to accelerate your business growth and innovation.

To really leverage your international growth, 1-2-1 meetings will be available in Cambridge, Manchester, Edinburgh and London with a suite of key Swiss stakeholders from Lausanne Switzerland:

  • Global partnerships - The region has a multitude of Global HQs and large international corporations who are constantly on the lookout for innovative technology and data focused applications that they can then partner, invest in, and connect them to their international networks.
  • Access the unique ‘Over the Counter’ Swiss ecosystem – Health, Food and Nutrition Valley from innovative life sciences start-ups to scale-ups and major food & agritech corporates like Nestle.
  • Engage with World-leading R&D access & thought leadershipEPFL, Biopôle, The Swiss Cancer Centre Léman, CHUV and the Y-PARC.
  • Authenticate clinical trials & pathways – Access the greatest life sciences talent pool in Europe, which has recently been enhanced with the recognition of US FDA approved med-tech devices and a mutual recognition agreement between US and Switzerland for GMP of medicinal products.
  • UK/ Swiss collaborative research & developmentInnovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, and Inno Suisse, The Swiss Innovation Authority, will invest up to £4 million from Innovate UK and a minimum of 3 million CHF from Inno Suisse in innovation projects.
  • Grants, accelerators, funding & investors – From bi-lateral R&D grants, the unique Swiss Offset programme, access to the Horizon Programme, and the Mass Challenge to venture capital and major corporate investment channels. Plus – the Haleon Accelerator programme in oral health, behavioural health, women’s health and emerging microbiome science.
  • New free trade agreement - Recent trade negotiations for an enhanced Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the Swiss and UK governments that will remove the remaining market access barriers, improve regulatory cooperation, and enable UK firms to invest in Switzerland, now and in the future.

Lausanne / the Canton of Vaud is more than just a location; it's a community where innovation thrives. UK companies will benefit from a rich tapestry of resources geared towards fostering substantial growth and establishing a competitive edge in global markets. Embrace the future of innovation by choosing Lausanne, Switzerland as your next strategic business location.

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