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As the only HR and Employment Operations provider specialising in the US market and exclusively supporting international businesses, Foothold America helps international companies of all sizes unlock their full potential by making it easy to find, hire, onboard, pay and manage US employees quickly and compliantly. Whether you plan to start with one US employee or your goal is to scale to hundreds, as you grow your business in the US, Foothold America’s turn-key solutions will continue to meet your US HR and hiring needs seamlessly, allowing for smooth transitions from one hiring model to another.

Working with GTM Global

GTM is delighted to collaborate with Foothold America. Their expertise in US business expansion and hiring and their focus on delivering high-quality service for all their clients add real value to our ecosystem.

Principal Services

Hire US employees without needing to have a US entity through our EOR solution, Employee Management Service

Foothold America's Employee Management Service, also known as EMS, offers a turnkey, cost-effective solution for your company to have a legitimate US presence with employees anywhere in the country in as little as one week without the cost and complexity of setting up a US entity. Foothold America hires, as the employer of record, the employees who represent you, so you have personnel dedicated to you to unlock your US expansion.

Hire US employees directly through your US entity and manage your people operations with Foothold America’s People Partnership Service

Foothold Americal have created their People Partnership Service, also known as PPS, to help you navigate the process of onboarding your US employees under your US entity and managing the complex operational and HR processes of doing business in America. This is a great option for international businesses looking to conquer the US market with absolute peace of mind.

Find and recruit the best US employees to drive your business forward with Foothold America Exclusive Talent Acquisition Service, ETA

Through our ETA Service, exclusively developed for our EMS and PPS clients, we make it easy for you to hire the right candidate at the right time and the right cost by taking care of all the time-consuming aspects of recruitment, including developing the job description, writing job advertisements, screening resumes, conducting first-round interviews, scheduling further interviews between you and the top candidates, and negotiating the offer.

Key Advisors

Laurie Spicer

Head of US Expansion

With over 25 years of experience doing business in North American, European, and Asian markets, including seven years as an International Trade Advisor with a primary focus on the complexity of the US market, Laurie has broad experience supporting her clients’ commercial success in the US.  She is an American who has resided in the UK for over 30 years.

Foothold America was instrumental in helping my UK company employ field applications salespeople in the US without having to set up a US subsidiary, which is the usual route for foreign companies. Foothold America facilitates this by employing the people we have chosen and handling all the employment, terms, salaries, visas, taxes, social costs, etc. They then billed us monthly for these costs, plus a reasonable service charge. As a result, we were able to get going very quickly with our own people in the USA and at a much lower cost base.

UK, Biotech Company

Managing Director

We started US expansion on our own, and soon after, we stumbled over employee benefits, leaving our ex-pat staff and families without health insurance. It was a huge risk for them and our company. Foothold America came in and got us sorted. They’ve been taking care of us ever since.’

UK, Software Company

Sr. People Partner

We always thought we needed to have our first US hire in New York. After we consulted with Foothold America and, following their expertise, we actually hired our first employee in North Carolina – at a cheaper cost of the salary offered and reduced recruitment costs.

UK, Saas Company


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