4 Amazing Strategies For Marketing Successfully During COVID Webinar




At GTM Global we are excited to be using our resources and those of our extensive partner network to support UK companies during COVID and the coming months.

On Wednesday 13th May, we were joined by brand marketing expert Jasmine Montgomery, Founder and CEO of Seven Brands, for the second in our series of free webinars – Four Amazing Strategies For Marketing Successfully During COVID.

Chaired by GTM Global’s Ian Collins, hear exclusively from Jasmine who:

  • Explains ‘COVID Capital’ – the positive or negative effect that your brand’s handling of the crisis has on your brand reputation.
  • Provides four positive, constructive and quite different strategies that brands can adopt in their marketing right now.
  • Shares real-life examples of brands who are successfully navigating their way through this challenging time.
  • Offers advice on the fly to two UK companies who share their current challenges.

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Ian Collins
Ian Collinshttps://www.gotomarket.global/
Ian Collins co-founded GTM Global in 2017, with over 30 years’ experience of business development and general management in hi-tech industries including security, artificial intelligence, business intelligence and enterprise software solutions. Ian specialises in developing business strategy, maximising the potential of existing product/market opportunities and taking new propositions to market.