Access a $200 BN Smart Technology EU Market from the Vaud Region in Switzerland

In This Video:

In this interactive panel session, experts from the Vaud region in Switzerland share insights and advice on the opportunities and support available for smart technology scale-ups looking to set up their operations in the region.

Video highlights include;

  • Regional Support – Frederick Dubois, Innovaud – Vaud’s unique Programme for Scale-ups
  • Partnerships – Pascal Marmier, Unlimitrust – R&D Collaboration & Support in Vaud
  • Success Story – Rory Holmes, ClearSpace – Accessing Vaud Corporate Bodies
  • Business Set Up, Funding & Investment – Christopher Faget, Fidag – Ease of Doing Business in Vaud
  • Government Support – Connor McSharry, DIT Space Sector, Yannis Will Swiss London Embassy

Watch the video to find out why the Vaud region is the perfect commercial hub to expand your UK tech platforms across Europe and access a $200 BN Smart Technology EU Market.

About GTM Global:

GTM Global connects UK scale-up brands in digital and tech to a designated panel of experts from government, trade bodies and commercial partners to provide ongoing advice and guidance on go-to-market strategy and international expansion planning.

  • Advice and guidance from experts in international trade
  • Export readiness audits and market research reports
  • Access to a network of in-country specialists and trade partners
  • Go-to-market strategy development and market expansion planning
  • Compliance, regulatory and risk management planning
  • In-country distribution, sales and business development services
  • Access to overseas EDOs, accelerator programs and government support
  • Funding via an international network of investors and VCs
  • Curated promotions and offers for businesses transacting overseas


Ian Collins
Ian Collins
Ian Collins, with an extensive background spanning over 30 years in business development and general management, co-founded GTM Global in 2015. His experience encompasses hi-tech industries such as security, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, and enterprise software solutions. In his career, Ian has started several tech companies, overseen two corporate ventures, executed a management buy-in, and led two business turnarounds. He has also been involved in buying, selling, and merging various of his companies, and has achieved two successful business exits. Ian's expertise is particularly focused on business growth strategies and leading-edge proposition development.