Global Market Expansion – Guest Podcast

Global Market Expansion

GTM Global has been helping companies achieve global market expansion for nearly five years. The company’s founders, Mark Stimpfig and Ian Collins, had the great pleasure to feature as guests on gigCMO’s podcast, where they shared key insights on the business, the GTM community and the evolving GTM ecosystem.

In the podcast, they talk about how GTM Global started, the incredible and diverse global partner network, and they share their learnings from the work they’ve done in supporting 4,500 companies through the GTM programme, including: 

  • Why modern global trade is not just about expanding to a new country but the critical role cities play in expanding your business
  • The four stages of the international expansion journey that companies go through
  • The types of companies that can benefit most from the GTM Global expansion workshops and more

Listen to find out why your company should be considering entering another market, and how you can benefit from connecting with GTM Global!