Go to Market in the USA 2020 Video

All you need to know to go to market in the USA in 25 minutes!

In this video, Mark Stimpfig Co-Founder of GTM Global interviews four US in-country experts who provide prescient advice and guidance on planning a successful expansion into the US.

US Market Research and Market Entry

Steve Lanier US expansion expert

Steve Lanier

CEO of the Washington AWS Corporation

Steve provides some great insight as to where and how to set up your business in the US in terms of market research, distribution and partner networks. As well as how to get the balance right between customer support and locational presence.

US Set-up and Compliance

Tom Thorelli

Tom Thorelli

Attorney and Founding Partner of Chicago based Thorelli & Associates

Tom discusses the importance of setting up the right US legal structure to ensure the protection of your IP and trademarking so that you can manage the immigration process effectively.

US Sales Tax Management

colin stansbury

Colin Stansbury

EMEA Marketing Manager for Seattle based Avalara

Colin discusses the change of attitude of individual US states to Sales Tax. And how important it is for UK businesses to understand and manage over 12000 different jurisdictions. In addition, how smart technology can help successful growth.

US Employment, Regional Tax Incentives and Investment

Ben Troch

Ben Troch

Associate at IMS Accounting Services with offices in Chicago, Tucson, Detroit, Richmond and New York

Ben looks at how best to manage and maintain staff, regional and state tax incentives and the US investment scene.

About GTM Global

GTM Global connects UK scale-up brands in digital and tech to a designated panel of experts. This includes government, trade bodies and commercial partners who can provide on-going advice and guidance on go to market strategy and international expansion planning.

What to Expect From the GTM Workshop Programme

The GTM Workshop Programme supports mid-market tech and digital companies on their international expansion journeys. By participating in the programme you can expect a mix of the following:

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