Build A Sustainable D2C USA Business & Get x4 Revenue Growth




Meet Gary Vaynerchuck’s Right Hand Man

Get invaluable advice from Gary Vaynerchuck’s president of VaynerCommerce, Zubin Mowlavi, on how to build a sustainable D2C US business and get x4 revenue growth over the competition.

Vayner Commerce is an innovation, growth & technology firm designed to build enduring commerce brands and backed by the famous US entrepreneur and businessman, Gary Vaynerchuck.

In this short but hugely valuable video, Zubin talks about the challenges of selling direct to consumers in the USA and provides some great tips, advice and insights to help UK brands with their US market entry strategy, planning and growth.

Key learnings include:

  • How to build a sustainable D2C brand and generate 4x revenue growth over your competition
  • The importance of customer value & continuous innovation in driving LTV
  • Understanding the social impact, life-changing value, emotional reaction or functional value your products engender in the consumer
  • The positive effect of fully aligned values and sharing of financials across the business & supply chain
  • Prioritising customer segments and maximising value in the sales channels
This video bite is taken from a highly acclaimed eCommerce webinar delivered in association with GS1. For more highlights and information click here.

How To Grow Your US Sales Like DTC Unicorns

A presentation by Zubin Mowlavi, President of Gary Vaynerchuck’s VaynerCommerce


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Ian Collins
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