US Tax & Nexus Obligations: The Facts You Need To Know

14,000 Tax Jurisdictions Heading Your Way!

Find out from James Bright, Partnerships Manager at Avalara how to navigate and manage your US tax and nexus liabilities across the 14,000 jurisdictions and 40,000+ US tax rates.

James is a partnership manager at Avalara, a US-headquartered global organisation that works with businesses of all sizes, from corner stores to gigantic global retailers, helping them to calculate and report tax accurately and automatically, and in real time. For more information about Avalara and the work they do to support the GTM community, checkout their partner page here.

Navigating the complex web of State and inter-State US sales taxes and nexus can be a daunting task. Watch this short video featuring James Bright from a sales tax specialist, Avalara, as he explains how taxes affect UK businesses and the steps you can take to ensure you are compliant.

Key learnings include:

  • What nexus means to UK companies and why you need to be compliant to avoid fines
  • How to navigate the 35,000 different US tax rates and handle the 20% that change on a monthly basis
  • Tax thresholds, reporting requirements, eCommerce integration & automation – the way to go!
This video bite is taken from a highly acclaimed eCommerce webinar delivered in association with GS1. For more highlights and information click here.

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