How To Reach Your US Target Audience & Maximise Revenues




Take Your North American Sales To The Next Level

Meet Michael O’Hara, Global Marketing & Development Lead at specialist US market-entry firm, gigCMO, as he describes a five-point plan to ensure you reach your target audiences and maximise revenues.

Michael leads the CEO Whisperer at gigCMO where he works with global companies looking to scale their revenues and improve bottom-line performance. For more information about gigCMO and the work they do to support the GTM community, checkout their partner page here.

Michael is an expert in N. American market entry strategy, marketing, sales and business growth. Being US-based, he has extensive local knowledge and experience in both B2B and B2C arenas, including retail, SaaS, Fintech, MedTech, digital services, IoT & Smart City. Importantly, he knows what it takes to compete in the US, having run several highly successful businesses and helped numerous UK companies grow their market share.

Hear from Michael in this short video as he shares his insights, tips and advice:

  • The pros and cons of being on Amazon versus a direct to consumer model
  • Beyond Amazon, the importance of searchable products, good organic & PPC
  • Developing your SEM strategy – RTM followed by PPC?
This video bite is taken from a highly acclaimed eCommerce webinar delivered in association with GS1. For more highlights and information click here.

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Ian Collins
Ian Collins
Ian Collins, with an extensive background spanning over 30 years in business development and general management, co-founded GTM Global in 2015. His experience encompasses hi-tech industries such as security, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, and enterprise software solutions. In his career, Ian has started several tech companies, overseen two corporate ventures, executed a management buy-in, and led two business turnarounds. He has also been involved in buying, selling, and merging various of his companies, and has achieved two successful business exits. Ian's expertise is particularly focused on business growth strategies and leading-edge proposition development.