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Whether online, in store or in a hospital, the common language of GS1 standards is helping their community of over 54,000 organisations to uniquely identify, describe and track anything, creating greater trust in data for everyone. Business-friendly environment & supportive government policies, diverse talent pool & access to fast-growing regional markets.

Their standards have the power to deliver change now and in the future by driving efficiency in the supply chain, and transparency in the wider society, through initiatives such as patient safety programmes and deposit return schemes. From product barcodes to patient wristbands, they harness the power of GS1 standards to transform the way people work and live.

Working with GTM Global

GTM is thrilled to be supporting the joint report by GS1 UK and Enterprise Nation from research conducted with nearly 1000 small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) from across the UK in June 2021. 

The Report highlights a multi-trillion-pound opportunity for the UK economy to expand globally, cites the barriers to success and how UK government, trade and commercial bodies can support and encourage this palpable and dynamic trend. For information on the report click here.

Principal Services


Use GS1 Identification Keys to help you uniquely identify everything from products and services to locations and shipments.


Use GS1 industry-standard barcodes or RFID tags to encode identification numbers and additional data like expiry dates, batch numbers, quantities and so much more.


GS1 communication standards allow product information to flow seamlessly through the supply chain, from the point of production through to the end customer or patient.

Key Advisors

Lorna Leaver

Marketplaces Engagement Manager

Lorna is utilising her industry experience to build partnerships with marketplaces and multi channel management companies to provide value and support to GS1UK members to grow their marketplace businesses via new opportunities, channels and a standardised way of working.

Daniel Bateman

SME Engagement and Partnerships

Daniel is responsible for engaging with the small and medium business community to increase awareness of GS1 standards being key to drive business growth, provide pathways to open connections to potential trading opportunities and access to community support partnerships.

Join GS1 UK for your genuine and authentic GTINs, used by over 2 million companies worldwide

If you are planning to sell products online or in a store, you will need a GS1 product identifier, otherwise known as a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), barcode, or EAN. GS1 GTINs and barcodes are used and accepted by retailers and marketplaces across the world, making it easy to sell your products anywhere.

GTM Global network can benefit from a special offer of 10% off their first year of membership with GS1 UK. Use code GTM10 in the promo box at checkout.

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