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Multidisciplinary consulting firm specialising in State and Federal Government relations, including federal marketing for international companies.
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Areas of Expertise

Potomac’s primary area of expertise is leveraging its top-down strategy to achieve the best results for their clients. By going directly to top-level policymakers, Potomac avoids the delays that often stop innovative ideas and products from entering the government.

Potomac’s expert’s provides knowledge from their time served in their perspective fields, including defence, energy, high tech, amongst others. These experts are available to Potomac’s clients to help advise and grow their companies.

Potomac has assisted firms in various industries, including but not limited to Technology, Energy, Defence, E-commerce, Financial Services, Health Care, National Security, and Telecommunications.

Working with GTM Global

Potomac has great connections and an address book into the US aerospace and defence marketplace. Their insights and networks into the related political and regulatory landscapes in terms of federal agencies and private consortia allow them to identify opportunities, navigate trade policies and address any challenges that may arise.

Principal Services


Strategic advocacy, government relations, and bipartisan connections.

Market Entry

Market strategy development, and on-ground connections to key federal and commercial decision makers.


Data-driven insights and innovative strategies to drive business growth.

Key Advisors

Mark Cowan


Cowan served in the US Airforce, multiple presidential administrations, and the CIA. In the private sector he ran some of the largest lobbying firms in DC.

Phil Bond


Bond is one of America’s most senior technology experts. He served as Undersecretary of Commerce for Technology and many other roles in the private sector.

General Douglas M. Fraser

Board Member

Fraser, a former U.S. Air Force General, led security cooperation in 45 nations. And he was the first Air Force officer to head U.S. Southern Command.

Colonel John Barranco (Buss)

Vice President

Buss is a highly decorated former Marine Aviator serving 8 deployments. He has also held multiple command positions in the DOD and Pentagon.

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